The Norwegian Rotary Advisory Board, in partnership with Georgia Rotary Student Program, extends a scholarship annually to three (3) young Georgia students to study at the University of Oslo in Norway as part of their International Summer School.

This year’s Oslo Scholarship recipients are:

Miss. Sophia Grace Chung Brown  – Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Columbus, District 6900

Mr. Logan Kirkpatrick Hill – Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dawson County, District 6910

Miss. D’Maya Makeba Kirkland – Sponsord by the Rotary Club of Centerville, District 6920

In June these three students will embark upon a three month, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity . While the immediate goal of this International School is to impart knowledge about some aspects of Norway, it also seeks to increase understanding and good will among nations through daily living together.

General courses of study offered during the summer session include: Norwegian Art, Norwegian Language, History, Folklore and Literature of Norway and Scandinavia, Economics, Politics, Culture & Society, and International Relations & Development Studies.

Graduate level courses include: Education System of Norway, Physical Education in Norway, Medical Care & Health Services in Norway, Peace Research, Energy Planning & Environment, and Special Education, Kulturlivet i samtidesn Norge, Norwegian Petroleum Law, and Transboundary Pollution.

The scholarships fully cover room, board and tuition for the semester. In addition to their studies at the university, students will also have the opportunity to take a field tour to Bergen and enjoy cultural sharing with host families in Oslo.

We all wish Sophia, Logan and D’Maya congratulations, safe travels and great adventure ahead!