The term of the GRSP Scholarship Year is defined as beginning on the date you are received by your sponsoring Rotary Club(s). GRSP Host Family and ends on the day following your last academic exam or the day following the adjournment of your sponsoring Rotary Club’s District Conference, whichever is the latter. We are no longer accepting applications from graduate students. Citizens / Dual Citizens of the United States are not eligible to receive the GRSP Scholarship.

SAT scores are required for ALL applicants and TOEFL scores are required from all Non-English speaking countries. Please see specific requirements under the tab “About GRSP – Scholarship Information – Test Requirements”. Acceptance into the program may require you to submit your test scores to the school you have been selected to attend.  


1) You will be asked to submit a head shot photograph of yourself (either color or black & white is acceptable). Before you begin completing this application, please scan in your photo and name it with your last name, then first name, such as LariscyBarbara.jpg so you will be ready to insert it in the proper locations of the application.

2) Please complete the official scholarship application fully in English. Use proper case English grammar. Do not use all Capital letters or all lower case letters when typing a response.

3) If a field does not apply to you (perhaps you do not have a zip code or a sister), leave it blank.

4) Print one copy for your records prior to submitting to the GRSP home office.

5) Please mail one paper copy of the official scholarship application with your supporting materials to either the postal mail address or the express mail address below.

6) After submitting the online application, mail the following documents to: GRSP at one of the addresses below:
A. Final high school (gymnasium) transcript.
B. If presently in college, send a transcript of each year attended  (including courses currently under study).     

7) Print two copies of the Teacher Recommendation Form to have completed by two of your current teachers.
The completed forms must be mailed to GRSP at the address listed below.

8) Applicant’s inability to secure admission into an institution approved by The Georgia Rotary Student Program as selected by the institution.

9) Students participating in the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) must carry health insurance coverage at student expense that satisfies the requirements of the institution
at which the student is enrolled. If the student believes their current health insurance satisfies the institutional requirements they may request a waiver.

However, it will be the sole discretion of the college/university to ascertain if the coverage meets the institutional requirements.
Current University System of Georgia requirements (September, 2015) are:

A. International Students in the F-1 and J-1 student or scholar statuses must have a minimum of the following benefits:

1. Both accident and sickness coverage
2. Minimum benefit $250,000 per policy year
3. A deductible of $500 or less and/or co-pay per individual, per year*
4. In-patient and outpatient, mental and nervous disorder benefits
5. Prescription Drug Coverage
6. Pay benefits worldwide
7. Medical evacuation to one’s home country and family reunification of not less than $10,000*
8. Provision for repatriation of remains of not less than $7,500*
9. All Georgia mandated requirements+ *Federal Standards required for International Students


B. If the student’s existing health insurance does not meet the requirements for the institution in which they are enrolled, they will be
responsible for purchasing the insurance coverage provided by the college/university.

C. In addition, the student should make sure that they have insurance coverage for any period prior to the start of their enrollment
and after their enrollment has concluded at the end of the spring term.

D. Any income taxes imposed on non-scholarship income by the U.S. Treasury are the student’s responsibility.


Please use the e-mail address below for contacting us with questions regarding this application

Postal Mail Address                                                                                    Express Mail Address
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We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.