GRSP is managed by a dedicated group of Georgia Rotarians who devote time and energy to oversee the program without any reimbursement. They are passionate about the mission of GRSP and promoting peace and understanding around the world. Take a moment to read on and learn more about our leaders.


Bert Guy
District 6920

Mike Sweigart
Vice Chairman
District 6910

Lorri Christopher
District 6900

Terry Gordon
District 6910

Al Myers
District 6910

Chair Emeritus

Hue Thomas

Ronnie Waller

Greg Adams

Dennis Still

Jim Drake

Terry Gordon

District Chairs

Lynn Clarke – District 6900

When I first joined Rotary many years ago, I was fortunate to get to know my first GRSP student.  She happened to be from Wales and her perceptions of the US and Americans in general were eye-opening.  Each year since, I have continued to have my eyes opened further to the world around me and with social, political and economic globalization, it has served me well.  Also, to be able to discuss and sometimes even change the student’s pre-conceived notions of America, has been a thrill for me personally and, I believe, creates a better understanding between us.

Al Hombroek-  District 6910

I am passionate about GRSP because it is an embodiment of Rotary of ‘Peace through Understanding’ – GRSP is a beautiful way to connect with young people throughout the world that may have preconceptions of Americans and it is our way of building relationships with these students while attending one of GA’s great colleges or universities for an academic year while at the same time spending a lot of time with Georgia Rotarians. The mere exchanges of ideas, learning of each other’s culture, spending good quality time with each other can only foster long standing and positive relationships. And it is these relationships where peace through understanding is truly possible. Since 1946, 75+ years, over 3600 young people have experienced what Georgia, America, our colleges and universities and of course Rotarians throughout the state have to offer and share with others. That is 3600+ that we would like to consider as ambassadors for the world, and when they return home they will only build on their positive experiences and do good in the world. There has never been a better time in the world to build these long-lasting friendships!!!

Rob Kellner – District 6920

Upon my arrival at Valdosta State in 1983, I became aware of the Georgia Rotary Student Program and was intrigued with the program.  In 1999, I joined Rotary and had the opportunity to get involved with the program and begin to understand how unique and special this program is.  I have met numerous students over the past twenty years that have become lifelong friends and I enjoy the opportunity to rekindle these friendships when I travel abroad or they return to Georgia for a visit. The generosity of the Georgia Rotarians either through their willingness to become a host family, serve as a host for one of the weekend get togethers or simply through financial contributions coupled with eagerness of the students create a special environment where all parties involved benefit.   The parties benefit by breaking down walls and eliminating the stereotypes that are often portrayed in the media. I cannot think of a better program to invest my time and energy than the Georgia Rotary Student Program and its goal of “Peace through Understanding.”

District Directors

Ian Bond – 6900

Bill Smith – 6900

Bill St. Clair – 6910

Bill Strickland – 6910

Milton Heard – 6920

(vacancy) – 6920


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